The GWLL is always looking for dedicated volunteers.  Our league can not run without them. The volunteers in the past years have worked exceptionally hard at making the league a great experience for all kids and parents.  We can’t thank them enough for their time and efforts.

If you have been standing on the sidelines wondering how you can help, below are some options to get involved.

Board member

Board re-organization occurs every year in October.  The Greater Wildwood Little League Board can be up to 15 members and consists of four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  All board members are involved in making decisions pertaining to how the league is run.  All board members typically are involved in raising funds and organizing events.

Becoming a board member is a great way to have your opinions heard and to have a real impact on how the league is run.

The list of current board members can be found at gwll.org/about. (Though a number of board members generally “retire” each year as their child(ren) grow out of little league. Don’t assume there is not a place for you!)


Often an overlooked aspect of the Little League program, umpiring is one of the most important. The volunteer umpire is as much a part of Little League as the volunteer manager, coach or concession stand worker.

The league is always looking for experienced, impartial adults who can take control of the game, even when things get heated.  Becoming a little league umpire requires that you attend training offered at regular intervals by District 16 and Little League International.


Every year, new coaches and managers (AKA “head coach”) get involved to help coach their sons’ and daughters’ teams.  And some coach just for the love of the game.  Teaching kids the values of sportsmanship

Snack Bar

The concession stand is the league’s biggest fundraiser…and also requires the most volunteers.  The commitment to work in the snack bar is not overwhelming…if we get have support from every parent!  The snack bar offers the best view behind home plate and requires little or no kitchen experience to run.

Score Box

For the health of our kids, an accurate pitch count must be kept during all games to help prevent arm fatigue injury.  An accurate scoreboard keeps fans interested and involved on the game.  The league is always looking for responsible adults to help run the score box.

Click HERE for our Volunteer Application Form.

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