Phillies Home Run DerbyLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Greater Wildwood Little League is once again proud to announce that we will be hosting the 2014 Phillies Home Run Derby. The derby will take place on Sunday June 8th. Registration takes place at Higbee Field and begins at 11 am, the Derby starts at noon. The registration fee is $10 per child. The Derby is is a fun-filled competition that is divided into three softball and three baseball age divisions. Division “A” is for 7 & 8 year olds. Division “B” is for 9 & 10 year olds. Division “C” is for 11 & 12 year olds.  The child’s age is the age he / she is the day of the Derby (not league age), however, a 13 yr old who is league age 12 may participate in the 11/12 division. Participants are requested to bring their own bat to the Derby.

  • Batters receive one practice swing and 10 competition swings. Since a pitching machine is used, every pitch should be the same. However, there are times that a pitch is either too high or too low and this is determined by the Home Run Derby operator. If this happens, the batter receives another pitch. Batters do not have to swing at every pitch.
  • Batters are awarded points for each swing and the distance of each hit. Distances differ by age group:
All divisions
  • Foul ball = 0 points
  • Swing and miss = 0 points
  • Fair ball = 1 point
Division A – Girls 7/8 years
  • 50 feet = 2 points
  • 75 feet = 5 points
Division B – Girls 9/10 years
  • 75 feet = 2 points
  • 100 feet = 5 points
Division C – Girls 11/12 years
  • 100 feet = 2 points
  • 125 feet = 5 points
Division A – Boys 7/8 years
  • 75 feet = 2 points
  • 100 feet = 5 points
Division B – Boys 9/10 years
  • 100 feet = 2 points
  • 125 feet = 5 points
Division C – Boys 11/12 years
  • 125 feet = 2 points
  • 175 feet = 5 points

There are three levels of competition:

  • Local competitions are held in towns or townships in April through July. The top three winners in each division advance to the Regionals.
  • Regional competitions are held in eight different locations. Each local winner is assigned to a regional competition and the first place winner in each division advances to the Championship.
  • The Championship is held at Citizens Bank Park prior to a Phillies game.

The minor league World Series Championship game and pizza party will also take place after the Home Run Derby.  Any questions or additional information can be obtained by contacting the Greater Wildwood Little League President, .

GRAND SLAM!!!! Congratulations Tommy Belansen

Slugger Tommy Belansen of the Elks hit his first Grand Slam on Wednesday, May 7th. It was Belansen’s second home run in two consecutive games, and the first grand slam in Greater Wildwood Little League since the 2011 season. Both shots went over the center field fence.

Then controversy erupted as Duffer’s manager Gary Hans called time out and claimed Belansen’s bat was an illegal composite bat saying “it didn’t sound right”. The bat was examined by Hans and the umpire. Although the bat was clearly stamped “Approved for play in Little League” Hans remained unconvinced demanding further investigation. The bat, a DeMarini CF6 CFL14 is on Little League’s list of approved bats._DSC3452_DSC3453_DSC3455

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